Zero DSR Electric Off-Road Adventure Motorcycle – 1000 Mile Bike Review

Nov 26, 2021 | Electric Motorcycles, Motorcycle Rides, Motorcycles, Videos

Zero DSR As An Electric Off-Road Adventure Motorcycle - Bike Review

Location: Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route & Colorado Front Range
Bike: Zero DSR Black Forest Edition
Time On Bike: 1000+ Miles of Off-Road-Focused Adventure Travel

Hello to all of our followers and fellow riders! We are very excited to have gotten our feet on the pegs of a Zero DSR Black Forest Edition for some real adventure travel. Our buddy Electric Cycle Rider was somehow able to get us two media bikes from Zero Motorcycles and we got to ride them all the way up the continental divide in Colorado following a custom route of over 1000 miles that include the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route.

The video above is a detailed technical review of the bike for off-road adventure travel, but here is some more about the adventure.

What Was The Adventure?

Starting at the 4 corners of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah and traversing some of the highest peaks of Colorado, we finished at the Wyoming border over 7 days. Route planning was key to plot various charging options every 120 miles or less. The ultimate goal was to not get stranded deep in the Rocky Mountains.

Most of the route followed the famous Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route (COBDR) and it is beautiful but challenging. There are multiple off-road traverses over 12000-foot passes, so weather variety was expected. We did the adventure in June of 2021, so we were expecting mostly good weather, but the Rocky Mountains had other ideas for us as we were stalked by a thunderstorm along the whole route. 

The BDR Routes are best traveled on high range (180 Miles+), lighter weight, long travel, off-road focused adventure bikes, and to be honest, the Zero DSR does not really fit any of that criteria. 

For a very detailed look at the adventure and a full 24-minute documentary, go over to Electric Cycle Rider’s website to get all the dirty detials.

The Zero DSR Black Forest Edition

The bikes used for the adventure were the Zero DSR Black Forest Editions with the optional “Charge Tank” which allows the bike to be charged at level 2 fast charging using a very standard J-Plug. There is another option which increases the bike’s range to over 150 miles, but the charging would have to be slow charging so we would be limited to charging the bikes over night and it would be near impossible to get a 200+ mile day which is our rough definition of adventure travel. 

Even with the level 2 fast charging, it still takes anywhere from 90-120 minutes to charge these bikes from 10% to 95%. So you have to get used to hanging out…

For more detail on the bike, check out the bike review on YouTube, you won’t be disappointed!


That concludes today’s post, hopefully, it serves as inspiration for you to do something remarkable with your bike and go try out an electric bike! They are almost there and incredibly fun!

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