Moose Encounter On A KTM 500EXC & SUR-RON X

Nov 22, 2019 | Motorcycle Rides, Motorcycles, Videos

Moose Encounter On KTM 500EXC

Got a little too close to this moose for comfort on the KTM 500EXC after a ride with Electric Cycle Rider on his SUR-RON X… If this Moose had went right versus left, this would have been a really different video — 😛

This was right after we had shot the SUR-RON X VS KTM 500EXC video up in the mountains just outside of Boulder, CO.

We were both toasted and just taking it easy back to the trucks on the fire roads and this big boy was right on the road and freaked out when we passed him. He’s actually pretty small, only a 4/6 point, but his shoulders were still roughly 5-6 feet tall. Luckily he’s a smart moose and not a silly deer so he decided to go away from us versus cross right in front.

We see a fair amount of moose on our enduro/adventure rides up in the Rocky Mountains, they tend to be around water as you would expect. Cool animal, so big and goofy in person and such a treat to see.

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